The Monarch butterfly is a North American icon. Growing up in Michigan, the summer skies bloomed with Monarchs.
My sister Diane and I would see dozens of Monarchs every day. Sadly, I saw only one or two Monarchs weekly on my hikes this past summer.   
The Monarch butterfly population has decreased by 90 percent in recent years, but Audubon International and The Environmental Defense Fund have teamed up to create "Monarchs in the Rough," 
a program that partners with golf courses to restore pollinator habitat in out-of-play areas. Over 800 of your partner courses now participate in this initiative!   
SanSoleil has created a Monarch Print Collection. SanSoleil's will donate the lion’s share of the sales of this collection to the "Monarchs in the Rough" program. 
Monarch butterflies are struggling; let’s take action before it's too late. Programs like Monarchs in the Rough will be instrumental in saving this magnificent species.
An Update: SanSoleil has donated thousands of dollars to “Monarchs in the Rough” golf courses, thanks to your help. 
2.27.2023. Sylvia: The Monarch butterfly top is a birthday present; I love butterflies and was impressed with the “Monarchs in the rough” program at multiple golf courses.

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