The following facts should aid in identifying skin care alternatives for you, your members and employees:

Regarding Sun Protection:"SPF and UPF" Stands for Sun Protection Factor. UPF generally refers to apparel while SPF refers to Lotions. Both terms refer to protection from two types of Ultraviolet Radiation; UVA and UVB Rays:

a. UVA (Remember "A" for Aging rays.*) UVA rays have a longer wave length. These penetrate beneath the top layer of skin into the epidermal layer. Sunscreen lotions generally do not protect against UVA Rays unless classified as "Broad Spectrum" sunscreens. UVA accounts for much of the aging characteristics our skin derives from too much sun. (*UVA Rays are also the cause of skin cancers like Melanoma.)

b. UVB (Remember "B" for Burning rays.) UVB rays have a shorter wavelength. Sunscreens of SPF 15 and greater are effective at protecting against these rays. (The more energy rich UV-B rays penetrate only a few millimeters into the skin. This causes the pigment to change, which results in browning of the skin.)2. An "UPF" of 15 protects the skin from 93 percent of the sun’s UVB Rays. An "SPF" of 25 protects from about 96% of UVA Rays. It is impossible to have 100% of the sun's UVB rays eliminated. (An "SPF" of 50 only stops about 98% of UVB rays.)

c. Sunscreens do not protect against UVA (the primary aging and cancer causing) rays. The only reliable protection from UVA and UVB rays is sun protective clothing.

d. Regarding SanSoleil…Skin care you can wear…

a. SanSoleil tops are all rated above 30 UPF. This stops on average of 98% of the Aging, Cancer and Burning rays. (Both UVA and UVB, a “Very Good” rating.)

b. “SanSoleil Sun Protection” lasts wash after wash.

c. SanSoleil Cotton tops are easy care. Simply:

a. Wash in cold water.

b. Remove from dryer after 10 minutes. Lay flat to till dry.

d. SanSoleil SolTec Performance fabrics may be left in dryer to completely dry. SolTec wicks moisture, offers natural stretch, and 30+ UPF If you have questions regarding sun protection please call 800-654-6773.

SanSoleil...Skin Care You Can Wear....