Five Tips for Protecting Your Skin While Playing Golf 

Sunshine can be a tricky thing. We need it for our circadian rhythms and strong immune systems. But too much of it can be detrimental, leading to bad burns, heatstroke, and even skin cancer.   While anyone can be affected by it, golfers are more at risk of sun-related ailments than most. There's little shade on the golf course, and when immersed in your game, it can be easy to forget to protect yourself!   Here are our top 5 tips for protecting your skin while playing golf. If you pay close attention to these things for your next few rounds of golf, you should find that they start to become habits that can only benefit you in the long run! 

 Choose Sun Protection Apparel 

 We're not the biggest fans of sunscreen (studies suggest it may not be too healthy), but we do love the idea of sun protection apparel! Long-sleeved shirts are a great choice. But, don't assume you'll get too hot when wearing one—shirts like this one use cooling fabric to reduce overall body temperature by up to 5% while providing UV50 sun protection simultaneously!   Being more selective about your shirt, pants, and golf gloves can help you to protect your entire body more adequately from the sun. Wear a Protective Hat Your face is the place you're most likely to slather with sunscreen, but choosing the right hat can provide you with all the protection you need.   Bucket hats are popular as they have a wide brim that offers plenty of coverage. Many also incorporate UV protection into the fabric, providing extra safety from harmful rays.   Alternatively, if a bucket hat is too big or uncomfortable, you can choose a visor-type hat that covers your face. Be careful, though—you can still get sunburnt on the top of your head! 

 Wear Sunglasses

 Don't forget that your eyes need protection just as much as the rest. But sunglasses also help to protect the skin around your eyes, which is soft and susceptible to damage more quickly than other, hardier skin!   Choose a pair of polarized sunglasses, which will reduce glare. Remember, while your hat protects your face from the sun, you'll still be open to glare that bounces off reflective surfaces, so sunglasses are a must. 

 Stay Hydrated

 Drinking water might not be on your mind throughout your round of golf. However, we highly recommend drinking more water during your round to keep your skin as protected as possible.   You're already dehydrated if you wait until you're thirsty to drink. Consume a couple of sips after every shot, or at least after every hole.   You should drink about 50% of your daily water intake during your round. So if your daily intake is around 100 ounces, you should be drinking 50 of those ounces on the golf course.   The more dehydrated you are, the more dry your skin is and the more prone to damage it becomes. Staying hydrated helps your skin to remain in the best possible condition! 

 Play More Night Golf! 

 The best way to reduce the harmful effects of the sun is to avoid it where you can! If you have golf courses nearby that offer late evening or night golf, it may be worth taking advantage of it and playing more of your golf when the sun's gone down. 


 You never know what's going on within the layers of your skin. And when something suspicious does pop up, it's often not found early enough. So with that in mind, it's never too soon to start taking better care of your skin!   If you begin following these tips for protecting your skin while on the golf course, you can keep your skin safer for longer. Implement them every time you get on the course, and they'll soon become a habit!